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Russian teen

The Russians knew what to expect.

Many were standing even before Yulia Lipnitskaya knelt to begin, bent her head low and place her handily on the ice.

The Russian team was already safely into the highest 5 of the mixed-team ice skating competition. They were planning to be within the finals and build it there in initial place.

But not several folks have seen the 15-year-old Lipnitskaya skate. town Lipinski, currently AN NBC commentator, knew what it absolutely was wish to win a laurel wreath at fifteen. however she had ne'er skated in a very team competition and he or she wasn't certain whether or not this team factor would be sensible for Lipnitskaya.

It was superb.

Streeter Lecka/Getty pictures
Lipnitskaya had won the eu Championships nearly a month before the Sochi Games by crushing veteran geographic region Kostner, UN agency was third, and her 17-year-old associate Adelina Sotnikova.

The minor is not keep. when Europeans, Lipnitskaya told Russian media she planned on winning a private laurel wreath in Sochi and adding a team gold would be, she same through a translator, nice.

Skating with a lightness that we have not seen since Lipinski's 1998 run to gold in Nagano, Lipnitskaya landed the necessary jumps in her short program with the benefit of a young adult UN agency felt no pressure, solely the love of the gang.

For someone her age, Lipnitskaya told stories along with her facial expressions also as her class. Most skaters therefore young square measure jumping beans, exploitation their tiny and undeveloped bodies to create triple jumps and mixtures appear as if they may be performed by anyone.

But Lipnitskaya wasn't simply a jumper. Her finishing spin was focused and he or she ne'er left the spot wherever she began. By the time her leg was over her head and he or she was creating North American nation all dizzy along with her twirling, the gang within the arena and even those look reception ought to are on their feet.

Brennan: Ashley Wagner finds redemption in team skatin

SOCHI, Russia — it absolutely was four weeks agone Sat night that Ashley Wagner's world came somewhat crazy. As anyone WHO has been paying the smallest amount little bit of attention currently is aware of, the cuckold national champion fell double in her long program at the U.S. championships in Hub of the Universe and finished fourth, however was placed on the three-woman U.S. Olympic team -- polemically to some -- supported her robust international resume over the past 2 years.

It was then that things got crazy. individuals she did not recognize, dozens of them, went on Twitter to mention she did not merit the Olympic berth, albeit she completely did. thus she swore off Twitter for for a while. She ditched this year's long program for last year's. She did quite little bit of self-examination. then she got on the plane to Sochi, was referred to as upon to skate an important portion of the Olympic ice skating team competition Sat night, performed solidly underneath vast pressure and place the us during a robust position to win a ribbon Sunday.

That's quite month.

COLLUSION: Skaters dismiss report

It's not image to mention that over the length of a 2-minute, 40-second short program at the Iceberg athletics Palace, Wagner saved herself. that is specifically what she did. She was once more the solid and reliable athlete WHO has been the foremost adorned yank, male or feminine, over the past 2 seasons. She did simply what she had to try to to, no more, no less, build sure|to confirm} that the us would simply make the five-nation cut once a wobbly begin weekday.

So, afterward, she naturally found herself being asked regarding redemption over some times, that having become the theme of the evening.

"To the folks that doubted I belonged on this team, yes," she said. "But extremely it absolutely was additional regarding proving to myself that I may get on the far side that competition which i used to ben't a nervous wreck which I was that robust, hard-headed contestant that i do know that i'm which my mother has been managing for twenty two years, in order that was sensible on behalf of me."

OLYMPIC DEBUT: Wagner excited ... till her score

But the half regarding not being a nervous wreck did not return simply within the sterilizer of athletics not most for yourself, except for a team that's hoping on your each move. She looked serious – slightly too serious – in her tune-up. She knew this sense. it absolutely was those nerves once more, that had created her legs want "lead" in Hub of the Universe.

Her coach, Rafael Arutyunyan, recognized it straight off.

"I was feeling nervous," she said, "and Raf took each of my hands and same, 'Calm down.' He created Maine look him within the eye and let Maine breathe it out and relax and same, 'Get into your legs. Relax. Be here.'

"And that is what I required to induce into that moment and out of this 'Oh, it is the Olympics' variety of a outlook."

So out she went, as purposeful as ever, and shortly she was rushing into the powerful combination jump, the triple flip-triple toe -- what she become a triple-double within the short program in Hub of the Universe. There would be none of that this point. She went up for the flip. It came off while not a hitch. She propelled herself into the air for the triple toe. She declined early and bipedal it, that price her one or two of points, however it absolutely was adequate.

TEAM COMPETITION: USA jumps into ribbon rivalry

Her different 2 jumps, the triple loop and double axel, were robust. Otherwise, she skated slightly cautiously, however she over did her job – staying upright throughout, finishing with ease.

Wagner wasn't entirely happy with the scores that popped up, however she took the lead within the women's short program with 3 skaters left, the 3 highest-ranked skaters within the event. that each one 3 of them passed her was expected, and virtually of in spite of. The points she won – seven – bonded the us would create the cut and move onto the ultimate, where, by the tip of the day, it command onto third place by 3 points over European nation and 4 over Japan.

Wagner had return full circle in four weeks, from basket case to certainty. She was back to being her recent self: the model mate, the reliable recent soul, the athlete she invariably knew she was, notwithstanding folks that had no plan what they were talking regarding same she wasn't that any longer.

LIPNITSKAIA: Russian 15-year-old dazzles

So, if somebody had return to her on it miserable night four weeks agone, and told her that this was however it might all prove, with all the cheers and hugs that success brings, what would she have thought?

"I would say, yeah, absolutely, i do know that is what i am capable of," she said. "And I knew that Hub of the Universe, yes, it had been was} absolutely ugly, however it absolutely was the simplest issue that might have happened to Maine. as a result of I went home and that i did not work with Raf, I simply listened to Raf. each single issue that he told Maine to try to to, I did. If he told Maine to try to to 3 long programs during a day and that i thought it absolutely was crazy, I did 3 long programs. thus Hub of the Universe allowed him to coach Maine the method that he required to and that i knew i'd return here ready."

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Hostage nation over situation concerned , Algeria Siege

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                                               Nations with hostages being command by militants at Associate in Nursing Algerian

                                                         burning bush have expressed concern at the continued besieging.

US Secretary of State mountain climber Clinton delineated  the case as "extremely troublesome and dangerous".

While state media says many hostages are freed at the remote In Amenas desert gas facility, regarding thirty foreigners area unit still unaccounted for.

State-run APS agency says twelve Algerian and foreign employees have died since rescue efforts began on Th.

The operation to free hostages has currently been occurring for over thirty six hours, with few details being free by the Algerian authorities.

APS aforementioned that 573 Algerians and "around 100" of 132 foreign employees had been freed, and eighteen militants had been killed.

The remaining militants - armed with missiles, rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns and assault rifles - area unit still holed up in a very works at the location, that was encircled by Algerian U. S. Army Special Forces, APS said.

About ten Britons area unit thought to be still command.

The UN Security Council condemned the "heinous" hostage-taking, speech the incident underlined the requirement to bring its perpetrators, organisers and financiers to justice.
'Utmost care'

Mrs Clinton aforementioned Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal had told her on Friday that the "operation was still in progress, that the case remained fluid, that the hostages stay in peril in a very range of instances".
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Foreign voters concerned

    Fourteen Japanese missing
    Eight Norwegians missing
    Around ten Britons thought to be still command
    Unknown range of usa citizens
 probably voters of Romania, Thailand, the Philippines, Colombia, Asian nation and Oesterreich
 2 French voters safe
    One Irish subject from Northern Ireland safe
    One Kenyan safe
    One Austrian safe

    Q&A: captive crisis in African country
    Press links Algerian crisis with Republic of Mali operation

She aforementioned she had urged the "utmost care" be taken within the protection of each Algerian and expatriate foreign hostages.

US officers earlier confirmed that there have been still Americans being command at the location and re-iterated that the "United States doesn't negociate with terrorists".

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta told the BBC that no choice was off the table once it came to making sure that al-Qaeda and its associates didn't establish a base in geographic area.

The United States of America state department, meanwhile, confirmed associate yank captive, town Buttaccio, had died within the incident.

Two others, a Briton associated an Algerian, reportedly died on Wed once the militants ambushed 2 buses that were taking foreign employees at the power to the native airdrome.

After the attack on the buses, at 0500 time on Wed, the militants drove to the installation and took Algerian and foreign employees captive within the living space and therefore the main gas facility at the advanced.

At hour on Th, Algerian forces attacked because the militants tried to maneuver a number of their captives from the power.

The current scenario is unclear, however reports on Friday aforementioned security forces were still sorting out the hostage-takers at the advanced.

The installation had been place out of action to avoid the danger of associate explosion, the state agency rumored.
Still in pursuit

Officials from many countries, together with Japan, Norway, Ireland, the United States of America and Oesterreich have confirmed a number of their nationals managed to flee.

Some freed British hostages told Algerian TV they were "relieved to be out"

One French subject, Yann Desjeux, was killed within the activity, aforementioned French government minister Laurent Fabius.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron told Parliament he had been told by mister Sellal that it absolutely was an oversized web site and troops were "still following terrorists and probably a number of the hostages".

Algerian officers aforementioned the militants were operational beneath orders from Mokhtar Belmokhtar, United Nations agency was a senior AQIM commander till late last year.

The Mauritanian cuckoo agency - that has received many messages from the militants - quoted sources from Belmokhtar's cluster as speech they wished to exchange their yank captives for 2 high-profile detainees in yank jails.

They are the Egyptian tribal sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, condemned over the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in ny, and Pakistani somebody Aafia Siddiqui, United Nations agency was condemned in 2010 of trying to kill United States of America military personnel.

An earlier statement purporting to return from the abductors says the raid was administrated in return for the French intervention against religious person teams, together with al-Qaeda within the Moslem geographic region (AQIM), in neighbour Republic of Mali.

The In Amenas gas field is operated by the Algerian state company, Sonatrach, in conjunction with Brits company BP and Norway's Statoil.

It is set at Tigantourine, regarding 40km (25 miles) south-west of the city of In Amenas and one,300km (800 miles) south-east of Algerian capital.

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A number of hostages have loose the Mohammedan militants

United Nations agency took them captive at a gas facility in jap Algerie, media and officers say.

 A number of hostages have loose the Mohammedan militants United Nations agency took them captive at a gas facility in jap Algerie, media and officers say.

Details of the escape and therefore the numbers concerned stay unclear, however some 30-40 Algerians and 15-25 foreign nationals were reportable to own free.

The militants earlier aforementioned they were holding forty one foreign nationals.

A encirclement is current, with Algerian troopers close the ability close to In Amenas.

The kidnappers occupied the complicated on weekday, once killing a Briton associated an Algerian.

Spokesmen for the militants say they need issued an inventory of demands. One statement imagined to be from the hostage-takers mixed up associate finish to the French military intervention against Mohammedan rebels in Mali.
BP statement

The details on the escapes stay confused.

One Algerian security official told Associated Press press association that a minimum of twenty foreigners had free, as well as Americans and Europeans.

Algeria's personal Ennahar television station aforementioned that fifteen foreigners, as well as a French couple, had free, whereas another security supply told Reuters the entire was twenty five.
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Mokhtar Belmokhtar

    Fought Soviet forces in Asian country in late Eighties
    Former leading figure in Base within the Land of the monotheism Maghreb. Left in late 2012 once separation with leaders
 currently heads the Khaled Abu al-Abbas Brigade and therefore the Signed-in-Blood Battalion
 referred to as "The One-Eyed" as he wears associate patch over a lost eye
    French intelligence has dubbed him "The Uncatchable", whereas locals talk over with him as "Mister Marlboro" for his illicit cigarettes operation

    Profile: Mokhtar Belmokhtar

Earlier, the Algerie Press Service press association aforementioned thirty Algerian employees had conjointly managed to free themselves.

The Tigantourine gas facility is concerning 40km (25 miles) south-west of In Amenas, that is near the Libyan border and concerning one,300km (800 miles) south-east of port.

BP operates the gas field put together with Algerian state company Sonatrach and Norwegian firm Statoil.

The companies and therefore the governments of these taken prisoner have given few details concerning the quantity and identity of these taken captive, citing security reasons.

BP issued a press release on weekday confirming that a number of its employees were being control however speech communication that it might not be cathartic any details.

The foreign nationals control captive square measure believed to incorporate British, Japanese, America and Norwegian.

On weekday, French President Francois Hollande confirmed French nationals were conjointly gift at the location, however gave no additional details.

Algerian Interior Minister Daho Ould Kablia aforementioned that the abductors were Algerian and in operation beneath orders from Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a senior commander of Base within the monotheism Maghreb (AQIM) before late last year, once he started his own armed cluster once apparently separation with alternative leaders.
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Press review

Algerian and French press are digesting the results of the hostage-taking.

In Algeria's Liberte, Andres Martinez Tamani writes that it might signal the beginning of reprisals for Algerie permitting French jets to use its airspace for actions in Mali.

Salem Ferdi writes in Algeria's autoimmune disorder Quotidien d'Oran that the attack "will have unfortunate consequences for the Algerian oil and gas industry".

In France, state capital Rousselin writes in autoimmune disorder Figaro that Algerie is "a country within which any French intervention offers rise to mistrust. Its resistance against the terrorist threat should be supported".

In Liberation, Vincent Giret says the newest incident shows the "war in Mali, wherever France is within the line, isn't a war waged by the previous colonial power. it's a serious international conflict".

Mr Kablia aforementioned the militants needed to go away the country with the hostages, however he had refused to allow them to go, adding that there would be no negotiations.

He aforementioned a heavily armed "terrorist group" had attacked a bus carrying employees from In Amenas too soon weekday.

The attackers were repelled by police WHO had been escorting the bus, however a Briton associated an Algerian national had been killed.

The militants then drove to the gas facility's quarters and took the hostages.

The foreign nationals were being control in one wing of the quarters, that the safety services and armed forces had enclosed, mister Kablia aforementioned.

One employee told France's autoimmune disorder Figaro newspaper the captors had well-mined the ability.

An Algerian security official told Associated Press the Algerian government was discussing with the America and France whether or not a global force might facilitate finish the stand-off.

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Miss America 2013

Miss America 2013
News for Miss America 2013
Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan is starting off her national media tour and creating appearances. she is going to be creating a special visit to greeting America, The View, and further tomorrow to speak regarding her new role as Miss America and also the journey ahead as she promotes the Miss America Organization and its Scholarship Program

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence sharply shoot down qualitative analysis rumors

Jennifer Lawrence, who won, and Bradley Cooper were both nominated at the Golden Globes for their performances in “Silver Linings Playbook." The actors attend the 13th Annual AFI Awards at Four Seasons Los Angeles  in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Jan. 11. 

 Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence area unit adamant they aren’t chemical analysis, despite their crazy on-screen chemistry and rumors of romance.

"No, no, no, no, no. Not even shut. 1st of all, I can be her father. No, i am kidding. But no, not even shut,” Cooper, 38, same once asked by diversion Tonight if he associated his “Silver Linings Playbook” co-star were an item.

“We've done 2 movies along. If it did not happen by currently, it is not planning to happen,” he told ET on the red carpet of the 2013 Golden Globes on Sunday night.

Loki Tom Hiddleston Is Dating with Jessica Chastain

Loki Tom Hiddleston Is Dating with Jessica Chastain
Jassica Chastain

Critics are not the sole ones falling for Jessica Chastain!

The Zero Dark Thirty star is reported to be during a terribly serious relationship with Avengers bad-guy, Tom Hiddleston.

Despite trying to stay their romance on the quiet an honest friend of the couple has step up, telling sources:

    "Tom is smitten Jess and it’s serious. Before Christmas she visited United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to remain with him and meet all his family for the primary time."


That is thus adorbz.

Maybe currently that they have been outed Jess can take her new British beau as her date to the Oscars!